How to prevent another West, TX tragedy

Living only 50 miles away from West, TX, the plant explosion is constantly in the news, and the news is not good. The more the investigators dig into what happened, the more they find out about lack of regulation enforcement. West Chemical and Fertilizer tried to obtain an exemption from OSHA inspections, allowing less regulations for companies that sell more than half of their product to end users. However, OSHA doesn’t follow up with these companies, and in fact, had not inspected the plant in West since 1985.

How can this be fixed? For starters, OSHA can perform inspections like they are suppose to, no matter the size or exemption of the company. If OSHA and the EPA don’t enforce laws, companies are going to continue to get away with anything and everything they can.

Which is exactly what the plant in West did. Not only were they not inspected, they built the town right up against the plant. Why? Texas has minimal rules and regulations when it comes to protecting its citizens. But citizens don’t have to sit back and let it happen to them. There are so many grass roots efforts that have made big changes in our policies. Sadly, 15 people died for no reason in West, TX, and hopefully it never happens again. People are not going to sit around and let another apartment building, retirement home, or school be built within 500 feet of a fertilizer plant, ever again.

The one positive thing we can all take away from this tragedy is that we can prevent it in the future. It may be an uphill battle, especially here in Texas, but it can be fixed. We just have to make sure the government officials in Austin follow the laws to protect the citizens of Texas.

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Time for reflection

As I finish up graduate school and prepare to graduate in a few days, I can’t help but reflect back on the past few years, and on my current job hunt. Having been unemployed, or underemployed, for the last 5 years, I am really excited to find a job in my new field. However, I am also a certified elementary school teacher, and along with my bachelor’s degree, yet I still can’t get hired.

I wonder if our society has reached the point of no return, as seen by all the garbage our country promotes on TV, especially reality shows. I can’t help but think that I have wasted my money (I have the student loans to prove it) getting a Master’s degree, when there are white trash shows, like Honey Boo Boo, portraying the wrong message. How can these white trash people be making more money than me? I guess I actually have morals, and think higher of myself than they do.

What is wrong with our society that hard working, highly educated citizens are unable to find work, yet the obscure and uneducated are paid to act stupid on TV? I just hope that our society can bounce back and regain the morals it once had.  I’m done with my rant, and will continue my job hunt 🙂



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