Remembering 9/11 and my coworker Joe DeLuca

I can’t believe it’s been 12 years since our world changed forever. I know, many people are tired of hearing about it, including my daughters, who were 5 and 3 at the time, so they don’t remember it.

Well, I knew someone that died in Flight 93, and lived in North Jersey at the time, so this is very real to me and will always bother me. I was only 40 miles from ground zero, working at Warner Lambert Pharm. in Morris Plains, NJ. My mom called to tell me about the first plane, thinking it was a little Cessna. I got on the Internet at work, and soon that went down as word spread around the world.

Slowly, we all watched as both towers were on fire and then the unthinkable happened….they both collapsed. We were watching at work when the plane hit the Pentagon, and even remember hearing rumors that 8 planes were being used by the terrorists. My oldest had just started Kindergarten, and her school was in lockdown. As a parent of a new student, I really didn’t know what to do. We left her there and waited for her at the bus stop. The rest of the day, all I could do was watch the coverage on TV.

The next day at work, word slowly got around that we lost our coworker, Joe DeLuca. He and his fiancé were heading to San Francisco for vacation. Their plane left from Newark Airport, and was reportedly heading back to the White House when those passengers took it over and saved many more lives.

We will never forget and we must never forget. To all of those that don’t think this is worth remembering, I feel sorry for you. Maybe one day you will understand how life changing this terrorist attack was. It also means more to those of us that lived close to ground zero and knew someone that died.

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Social issues ARE at the root of our environmental problems-part 2-US gov’t not protecting its citizens

In part 1, I spoke about the lack of community as a contributing factor to the deterioration of our environment and planet. To continue on that path, why has the public lost interest in protecting the environment? Most people get their information, most of it misguided and wrong, from their local news. The news gets their information from our government. Ahhh, there lies the problem.

Contaminated US government

The EPA, USDA, and FDA were all created years ago to protect the citizens of our country. The EPA is suppose to protect human health and the environment, USDA watches over our food and agriculture, and the FDA’s job is to protect our food supply and medicine, making sure they are safe for people to consume. However, over the years, the leaders of these agencies have come from one of the worst companies in our history…Monsanto.




As you can see, the list is long. It’s a sad reminder of just how much of a stronghold Monsanto has on our own government. Here is another article that covers it beautifully…

Monsanto is a multinational agricultural biotechnology company. Besides being the one of the biggest manufacturers of chemicals (like Round Up), they also own over 11,000 patents on seeds. Yes, a chemical company is in charge of the food we eat. I will go into more about how Monsanto is ruining our food supply and poisoning the American citizens, all while our government watches from the sideline, at a later date.

We are not doomed!

Despite the fact that it looks like we are doomed, we aren’t. So many people, many in grassroots organizations, are standing up and fighting back against Monsanto. They are telling our government that we are fed up with this and won’t stand by as our food kills us.

Right now, the government isn’t even protecting us. The EPA, USDA, and FDA have gotten so corrupt from the infiltration of former Monsanto supporters that they are only protecting their stocks in Monsanto. Why would anyone in their right mind want to knowingly poison people with their own food supply? The officials running these agencies don’t have a conscious and are only in it for the money.

We must continue our fight against our own government, to get them to stand up to corrupt corporations and start protecting the American citizens. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves….

Have a wonderful, GMO-free day J


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Social issues ARE at the root of our environmental problems-part 1-no more sense of community

Why don’t people care anymore?

I want to concentrate my posts on this blog in the environmental area, especially because this is where my passion is, and it’s also my area of expertise with my Master’s degree. In my last post, I wrote about bullies, both adults and kids, and how they feel the need to exert their power over others. Bullying is a major social problem, and some would say that our environmental problems stem from social issues.

No more sense of community

I agree. If you look at our social problems, they all result in people not caring about their surroundings. For instance, a bully doesn’t care if he hurts others, therefore he doesn’t care about his surroundings. I see small acts around me that show defiance toward others. So many drivers here in Texas don’t want to obey the speed limit and drive faster. This shows that they don’t care about the law and will do what ever they want. Also here in Texas, I see so many cars NOT slowing down while going through school zones with flashing lights. This may seem like something small and not important, but all these small defiant acts add up, hurting everyone.

Why? What happened over the years that lead to people not caring? What caused the shift in our thinking that is now destroying our environment and our planet?

By people making the conscious decision to not care, it has a detrimental effect on the environment that affects everyone, not just them. We have lost that sense of ‘community’ where everyone looked out for everyone else.

Social class is another factor. Many times, the division between classes has a negative effect on the environment. In many instances, lower class populations don’t take care of their surroundings due to several factors, like being poor and not seeing how protecting the environment would benefit them. Underdeveloped countries, for example, don’t have the same advantages and resources as first world countries, and can’t picture how conservation would help them or their country. Unfortunately, these third world countries are not the worst polluting countries…it’s the first world.

Food for thought….

“The domination of nature by man stems from the very real domination of human by human”

‘The Ecology of Freedom’, page 1. Murray Bookchin

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