My owl :)

This is the owl I made with my Silhouette Cameo. My daughter’s school mascot is an owl and their colors are blue and white. I think it came out really cute 🙂

Our society is a mess

Our country gives us freedom of speech, which has been in the headlines the past few weeks. We also have freedom of choice, without judging others. I hope that everyone that has shown support for Chick-fil-A lately shows the same support when one of their family members (even their own child) tells them they are gay. They need your love more than the restaurant.

Recipes without refined sugar

I found some great websites for recipes to help me get rid of refined sugar. Here they are:

-Can’t wait to try making my own homemade peanut butter 🙂

When I find more, I’ll post them.



I’ll be posting interesting articles about the environment and how we can protect it better. Feel free to comment!