Recycled cd’s made into albums!!

Besides looking for sales at stores, if you are crafty you can recycle products in your own house. I made these albums from old cd’s I don’t use anymore. And from scraps of scrapbook paper I had on hand.

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Welcome to my blog! This is where everyone can learn how to survive on a smaller budget during this recession. Also, if anyone out these has great tips, we will share them here!

My family has not been hurt by the recession. We started cutting back a few years ago, and now everyone is having to do it. We are living on basically one salary while I get my Bachelor’s degree at Texas Woman’s University (in Denton, TX). I do work part-time as a substitute teacher, but only get paid during the school year.

Last year, we took a family vacation to Kentucky, and my kid’s have the latest technology gadgets. This is where we can all learn how to still enjoy the things in life that are important to us, while be resourceful!